SMSF Lending

Access your superannuation to purchase property so you can create a secure future.

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SMSF Lending

As the owner of a self-managed super fund, you may be able to leverage your superannuation to invest in property.

Let Loans Australia show you what’s possible.

The expert brokers (or as we like to call ourselves, Finance Strategists) at Loans Australia are the investment property specialists.

Expert support to secure an SMSF loan

If you have more than $150,000 in superannuation you may be eligible for an SMSF loan.

Your Finance Strategist understands the often complex criteria and steps you need to follow in order to successfully secure an SMSF loan.

Loans Australia specialises in ‘off the plan’ SMSF purchases which most lenders will not approve. With access to 100% offset accounts and 80% LVR options, SMSF lending is getting more and more attractive, especially for business owners who are looking to purchase their own premises.

Work with an expert from our team to identify your options, figure out what repayments will look like and maximise your borrowing capacity so you can grow your wealth for the future.

All our experts are investors themselves, who have the clear attitude that “There is always a way.” Unlike other brokers, we leave no stone unturned and leverage our extensive networks to find borrowing solutions for Australians who self-manage their superannuation.

We will take the time to explain the challenges, risks and caveats of borrowing through your superannuation fund before identifying the lending solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

Does your investment meet the criteria?

You can buy property through your SMSF if:

  • The property meets the ‘sole purpose test’ of solely providing retirement benefits to fund members
  • The property is not acquired from a related party of a member
  • No fund members or related parties live in the property
  • No fund member or related parties rent the property

If you purchase commercial premises through your SMSF, it can be leased to a fund member for their business. However, it must be leased at the market rate and follow specific rules, which we will explain as part of the borrowing process. We have access to accountants who specialise in the set up and advice around SMSF lending, should you require it.

Since SMSF loans cannot have redraw facilities and you cannot release equity from an SMSF owned property, the initial strategy around the finance is critical when it comes to maximising your future potential. We highly recommend starting with a Loans Australia Finance Strategy before considering your next move.

SMSF Loans: Find out what’s possible

Most Australian investors purchase one or two investment properties then stop because they believe they cannot get the finance they need or believe they can’t afford to continue investing.

This is the result of many false beliefs as well as poor advice.

At Loans Australia, we are highly motivated to share ideas with our clients so they understand just how much is possible when it comes to leveraging their self-managed super fund to extend their property portfolio.

If other brokers have said “You can’t”, talk to Loans Australia today. Book a free call to get started.