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To begin with, you will be assigned a Customer Concierge who will coordinate the collection of initial documents and information in preparation for your loan interview and application.

Whether you are buying a home or investment property, we will provide you property, rental assessment and postcode reports to help you get a holistic view of the property and area you are buying in.

Your loan application will be facilitated by a Lending Manager who will take into account your current financial situation, living expenses, needs and objectives to provide a personalised home loan submission.

Your application will be lodged by your Loan Administrator. Before lodging to the lender, your application is double-checked to ensure everything is correct to make it easier for the lender to approve.

From here, your Settlements Officer will coordinate settlement of your loan and liaise directly with you to update you every step of the way.

Your personalised home loan submission is $385. Or, for $660, your application can be fast-tracked to the front of our queue. This will ensure it is lodged within 7 days instead of our standard turnaround (14 days).

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