Our Approach

Loans Australia is not your standard finance broking service. We look to maximise your lending opportunities, and actively source finance from over 157 different lenders. This opens the door to incredible borrowing opportunities for our clients. Loans Australia has access to many different parts of the banks that most brokers don’t ever access. These include; residential; business banking; specialised markets; corporate markets; commercial banking and private banking. A strategic and long-term finance plan should take into account what every part of the banking system can offer.

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Are You Struggling To Grow Your Investment Portfolio?

Let Loans Australia take care of your investment financing solutions.
We are completely focused on helping you to develop and implement a strategy that will pave the way to financial independence.
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Ongoing Investment Pathway

Let us guide you on a continuing journey to build your investment portfolio.

Future-focused, Tactical Approach

We never reach out to lenders until we have a clear strategy in mind.

Simplifying Your Journey

Loans Australia’s experienced team makes borrowing to invest far less complex.

Our Approach

We invest our time in you.

We Start With A Strategy

Loans Australia is not a ‘quick fix’ solutions provider when it comes to property finance. We take a strategic, tactical approach that begins with a detailed review of where you are at as well as a clear plan for where you want to go.
A good financing strategy can dramatically affect your long term wealth so we take a highly calculated approach to allow you to accumulate assets sooner.
You’ll get everything in writing so you are clear on our recommendations.

We Leverage Lender Connections

Many Australians would be surprised to know there are over 400 lenders to choose from in Australia.
Most brokers only deal with 25 lenders in total and have a pool of less than five that they regularly interact with.
At Loans Australia, we draw from 157 lenders which we have strong relationships with. This gives us the ability to find solutions that other brokers simply never come across.

Our Team Of Experts Implements the Strategy

With a team of experts working for you during every step of your financial journey you can sit back and relax whilst we get the job done.
You will receive one of the most personalised portfolio strategy services in the country as you access the support you need to create a stable financial future through property.
We really could not have been more impressed with the team at Loans Australia, particularly Mel & Debbi who were with us every step of the way. The whole process…
Sam McWilliams

Rapidly Grow Your Property Portfolio

Achieve your goals sooner with expert support from Loans Australia.


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