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Our mission is to assist Australian property investors on their pathway to wealth. We are achieving this by offering an unmatched level of expertise, service and Australia’s largest selection of property finance solutions.

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Welcome to Loans Australia

We are committed to helping our clients find and organise finance so they can grow their wealth through property.

75% of industry brokers are solo operators and have to manage the entire extensive loans process themselves. At Loans Australia, we have a Head of Client Success whose role is to ensure all new clients are looked after from first contact through to settlement.

More than mortgage brokers

Ambitious Australians who understand the potential investing in property has to rapidly achieve financial independence are often frustrated by lending specialists who say “You can’t”.

At Loans Australia, we provide a team of Portfolio Finance Strategists to help you unleash your borrowing potential without the frustration or false information.

After getting to know you, your circumstances and your goals, we will help you by providing a range of targeted strategies that are custom designed to meet your needs and show you just how much is possible when it comes to growing a healthy property portfolio.

Our service takes a long-term view, creating a plan that will help you achieve your goals tomorrow as well as today.

Mortgage Brokers Australia

“We never, ever start with the loan in mind.

We look at your goals, your current financial situation and your investing plans.

Then we create a strategy to maximise your borrowing now and in the future.”

There is always a way

Clients seek out the expert team at Loans Australia to maximise their property portfolio potential.

With a wealth of experience and a collective history of writing over $1 billion in loans, we have extensive connections with lenders, knowledge of strategies other brokers aren’t aware of and a drive to support you for the long term.

Work with us to access the borrowing solutions that will help grow your portfolio faster. You’ll get concierge-style service from your initial meeting to the day you settle on your investment and a clear strategy to make your subsequent move on the property ladder.

We are also a friendly bunch! We love to get to know our clients and see them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Rapidly Grow Your Property Portfolio

Achieve your goals sooner with expert support from Loans Australia.


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