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Ready to take on a more advanced property project? Let Loans Australia help you access the funds you need.

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Fund A Project

The expert brokers (or as we like to call ourselves, Finance Strategists) at Loans Australia are the property project funding specialists.

Expert support to fund a project

Your Loans Australia Finance Strategist understands exactly which project financing strategies will help you maximise your borrowing capacity so you can fund a development project. We regularly fund smaller sub-divisions; 2, 3 or 4 townhouse developments and larger multi-unit developments up to 20-30 apartments. Funding options include full doc, low doc or no doc loans, depending on your circumstances.

All our experts are investors themselves, and have the clear attitude that “There is always a way.” Unlike other brokers, we leave no stone unturned and leverage our extensive networks to find solutions.

More lenders means more solutions

Loans Australia provides a huge range of project loan solutions from over 45 lenders across Australia.

Our success lies in our extensive connections as well as our focus on strategy and understanding of your goals, your current financial situation and the details of your project.

We like to think of ourselves as your long-term finance advisors, focusing on how to strategically grow your portfolio as quickly as possible. We’re here to help you at every stage on your journey towards financial freedom and keep you 100% informed from start to finish.

Step into the property development arena

Most Australian investors purchase one or two investment properties then stop because they believe they cannot get the finance they need or believe they can’t afford to continue investing or take the next step and develop multiple properties at once.

This is the result of many false beliefs as well as poor advice.

At Loans Australia, we are highly motivated to share ideas with our clients so they understand just how much is possible when it comes to funding property development projects. We will walk you through the requirements and the risks so you are clear on the process at every stage.

If other brokers have said “You can’t”, talk to Loans Australia today. Book a free call to get started.