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Loans Australia provides high-level strategic advice and lending solutions for complex borrowing circumstances.

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Getting Started

First home buyers and investors; start your journey here.

Restructure Lending

Refinance to a better deal to maximise your equity and borrowing capacity.

Building A Portfolio

Want to replace your income before retirement? Our strategists will help.

SMSF Lending

Access your superannuation to purchase property so you can create a secure future.

Business Lending

Buy a business or commercial property. We can help you to access full document, low doc loans or no doc funding.

Fund A Project

Find an expert loan strategist to fund your property development project.

Rapidly Grow Your Property Portfolio

Achieve your goals sooner with expert support from Loans Australia.


Massive Mortgage Blunders

128 Massive Mortgage Blunders to avoid before you purchase your next property or obtaining finance.

A Massive Mortgage Blunder can occur before, during and after a lending transaction and it can be made by any of the people or companies involved in the transaction. These blunders can be avoided with a little knowledge and information. Don’t become the story behind blunder # 129. Obtain your free copy today.

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